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I have a computer that is using windows xp with 512 ram and use the soundblaster audigy zs sound card. I currently have both Sibelius 3 and Finale 2003 programs and have the Kompact program. I have gone through the forum and followed the help file but am still unable to access the virtual drumline sounds. I also have downloaded maple midi and current update to Sibelius 3. I have tried loading the soundfont versions but no go and am unable to utilize kompact. I need some direction on how to use this software. Thanks
You don't need to use Kompakt AND a Soundblaster card to access Virtual Drumline sounds. You should use one or the other. Which method you use will determine which instructions you should follow.

With Kompakt, you can use either the Gigastudio OR the Soundfont versions.

With a soundfont compatible soundblaster, you can only use the soundfont version.

Either Sibelius 3 or Finale 2003 will work to send midi messages to your sample playback device (kompakt or soundblaster).

You might start by deciding which notation software you intend to use, and which method of loading the samples you intend to use. It will likely make the setup process less confusing.

Thanks for your reply...since I have made that comment I am currently using Sibelius 3 and finally got the soundfont hooked up. However; when I tried to hook up Kompact it said that I had an outdated version and I should upgrade [u]Kontact? [/u] This was very confusing...isn't it better to use Kompact rather soundfont for certain playback issues?
Yes, typically using the giga version of VDrumline is better than using soundfonts since ALL the sounds are present in each giga instrument. They're accessible via controller changes, whereas soundfonts don't have that capability, which forces you to load different versions of certain instruments to separate channels...not handy.

It's always a good idea to update your software to the latest versions. Registered users of Native Instruments software can download maintenance releases at the NI website here:
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