Kontakt not playing MIDI messages?

Hi all,
I am using Sibelius V3 and Kontakt (linked with the Maple Midi Tools), but I cant get Kontakt to recognise the midi messages for volume etc that I enter in Sibelius. Yes, I do have the "Use std CC#7/CC#10 Master Volume and Pan" tiked in the setting box of Kontakt.
Pleeeese Help!!!
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To send a midi message from Sibelius, use technique text. For example, if you wanted to enter a controller change (let's say a mod wheel change), enter the following text:


The tilde will "hide" the text, so it won't print. C1 means "controller 1" (aka the mod wheel...C7 would mean midi volume), and the last number (120 in this example) is the actual midi value.

Keep in mind, dynamics in Sibelius are controlled through midi velocity, NOT midi volume. So you may not need to use controller 7 much. If you enter a mp as expression text, Sibelius will automatically adjust the outbound velocities to give a more realistic dynamic affect.

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