cannot get Kontakt to recognize VDR gigastudio files

I am new to sampling and Sibelius. I have followed all of the steps of loading VDR Gigastudio files into my hard drive, but when I go to load the VDR files into Kontakt, Kontakt doesnt recognize the files. Do I need to convert the Virtual Drum line files from the gigastudio format (gig.) to an nki. format so that Kontakt can recognize it? IF SO, what steps need to be taken to do that?
Are you using the standalone version of Kontakt, or Kontakt Silver/Gold? If you're using Silver/Gold, you can't load third party sounds into it. If you're using the standalone version, try clicking on the browser button and find the sounds on your hard drive that way. I put them all in one folder to make them easier to find.
Thanks for replying. I am using the stand alone version of Kontakt and NOT kotakt gold or silver as comes with my Sibelius 3. I tried your suggestion and I am able to SEE the gigastudio files from the broswer window of Kontakt, but when I select the option to load/save it brings up another window that does not show the files. I have attempted to click on the files from the Kontakt browser window but nothing happens. I have read something about converting the gigastudio VDR files to an .nki format. Is this something I need to do in order for Kontakt to recognize the files AND if so, what sequence of steps do I follow to convert the files.
Thanks again
When the other window pops up, is it by chance a "Save As" window? If it is, just go ahead and click save. What that will do is put a VD selection on your pull down menu (at least it did for me).

What I would also suggest is downloading the updates from the TapSpace site and using those.
To convert the gigastudio files into Kompakt (or Kontakt) follow these steps:

1) Copy the gigastudio files from your VDrumline CD into a new Virtual Drumline folder you've created on your hard drive.

2) Open Kompakt. Click the "browser" button so you see two windows on the left.

3) In the top window in the file browser, navigate to the folder of gigastudio VDrumline files you saved to your drive. In this folder, you should see four folders named something like this: "SNARE LINE SCV (GIGASAMPLER FILE). Double-click one of these instrument names to expand its folder.

4) In this folder, you'll see two more folders. One named <programs>, the other named <samples>. Click ONCE on <programs> (note: click on the word, NOT the actual folder). Once you've done this, you should see an instrument file appear in the LOWER left-hand window.

5) Drag this instrument file into an open slot (1-8) in the Kompakt window.

6) When you're asked to save the file, it's a good idea to create a NEW folder in Kompakt's "instruments" subfolder (name it something like Virtual Drumline), then be sure to select the "patch and samples" button, and de-select the "absolute sample paths" checkbox. Essentially what you are doing here is saving an .nki conversion of the giga file. Kompakt will create the .nki file AS WELL AS a new folder containing each individual .wav file needed to produce the sound. Keeping these files organized will be important in loading instruments in the future, so it pays to take the extra minute to be sure your folders are organized.

7) Once you've converted all the VDrumline instruments, it's a good idea to download the latest .nki articulation files from:
Then read the included "READ ME" file for instructions on replacing your old .nki files. Since the Giga conversion process is important to separate out all the .wavs, it's necessary to convert FIRST, then update the .nki's afterward. The updated .nki's perform better than a standard NI conversion.

Hope this helps.

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