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ok i have virtual drumline, and we're getting a new computer so i'll have the sb audigy card already in that now my question is what other notation programs could virtual drumline work with, for instance i've been using mozart for like 3 years, and im really used to and comfortable with writing music in this program, so i was wondering if VD would work with mozart, because i really dont want to have to learn a new program, or go out and spend a few hundred bucks when i already have a program.


nathan althouse
Virtual Drumline does not load into any notation programs. It loads into a sampler or soundcard. If your sequencer or notation software is capable of communicating with that sampler/soundcard, it will work. An important consideration however is whether or not your notation program is capable of doing PERCUSSION MAPPING.

Percussion mapping basically means that you can enter a pitch on your midi keyboard (a ride cymbal for example), and it will place that note on a designated space on the staff, with a pre-designated notehead (an "X" for example). The display of the note on the staff doesn't necessarily have to pertain to the pitch that was entered. Since many percussion instruments are non-tonal, and cover a large keyspan range, this can be a very valuable tool. Without percussion mapping in your notation program, you'd have many sharps/flats/leger lines/etc that hinder the readability of your notation. It will still sound correct, but it won't look correct.

In sequencer programs (Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, etc), less emphasis is actually placed on the visual notation, so this isn't as important. With drumline music however, it's assumed that you want it to read correctly as well.

Sibelius and Finale are both capable of percussion mapping. As for other notation programs, we advise you contact the manufacturers.
ok, just got the new computer and i have virtual drumline in to the sound card, now i just need some help on how to get the program (mozart ) to use the VD sound fonts, and ideas or suggestions

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