Choppy playback with Kompakt

I'm running finale 2003, kompackt, with the maple midi tool. I've got all the updates, including the direct to disc file. I know I'm good with memory (2 gigs of 4000), processor speed (3.2 HT) and hard drive space (120 gigs). As far as getting smooth playback from kompackt though, things aren't adding up. I've messed with the settings to know that none of them result in a better configuration, and this is why I've found my way to the forums. Any information will be greatly appreciated.[list][/list:u]
Can you post an audio example?
Well, when you ask post an audio example, do you want to hear what
is actually happening with the playback from an audio file, or are you talking about what specific problems I'm having? I can tell you this, all smart playback diddle notes are not in time, nor are they consistent within themselves. Another problem is when I write 16th note quintuplets or larger, some of the spacing between the notes are not metered correctly (i.e. some crushed, some aren't). I hope this gives you a better idea. Thanks for the reply. Any thoughts on the matter?
I wonder if this might be Finale related rather than Kompakt related. If you can record an audio example, post the MP3 on a server, and send the link here, we might be able to get a better idea by listening to exactly what it is you are hearing.

I don't have a server to post this mp3 file onto, but I can say this much. I've gotten finale 2003 to play it back correctly whenever I completely shutdown my cpu. The only time it acts up is when I've added a new voice to an arragement (i.e. tenors, basses) So I'm thinking finale, as you said, has something wrong with it. This is why I'm trying to get a hold of finale 2004. I think finale 03 has many bugs in it, just as this one.
I know this is an old thread and I'm not sure if you've resolved your problem yet or not, but I was experiencing the same problem not to long ago.

The problem, as near as we can tell, isn't Finale or Kompakt, it is Maple MIDI tools. There is a virtual cable you can download for free called Midi Yoke. I believe the website is Once I installed that, all of my diddles and large groupings cleaned right up. Also, I don't have to run Maple Midi, Finale and Kompakt, I can just run Kompakt and Finale.
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