virtual drumline and garage band/soundtrack

is it possible to use virtual drumline and either of these programs. im thinking about purchasing virtual drumline, and wonder if these programs will work with it, and finale on a mac g4 ibook.

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The only way to use Virtual Drumline with Garage Band or Soundtrack would be to first purchase a sampler that could be integrated as an AU plugin within those programs. Kompakt or Kontakt can do this. But I'm uncertain as to whether or not you can assign different midi channels to one instance of Kompakt or Kontakt within Garage Band or Soundtrack. Those aren't typically programs that you'd use in this sort of setting (receiving midi info from notation programs). If you're looking to get into sequencing, you might be better off looking into a more professional program like Logic LE, or Digital Performer. If you just want your notation program to access sounds, you'd probably want to run the samples from a software sampler like Kontakt or Kompakt, and don't introduce one of the Apple programs into the mix. There wouldn't be a need for it.

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