Sounds tests won't work in mixer, help!

I've spent hours working on this research and feel like I'm close.

Using Sibelius 3, Midiman Oxygen 8, Soundblaster card.

I've downloaded the Sibelius updates for v.3 , and followed all the instructions.

Problem is in my Sibelius mixer when I try to set the "sounds" to snare, etc. the bank high switches back to "off" instead of "1." My sounds are indeed in 001, and for some reason the mixer, when "testing", works on the cymbal line, but not in my sn, ten, and bass.

I've double-checked the channels for individuality (1-4), and programs are 0,1,5,& 7 as instructed.

I was relieved to see the part in the instructions that said don't fret, but then read on and still can't get this working.

Any advice???

Andy - fear not. The 'test' button only works if there is a pitch mapped to middle-C. Since neither the snare or tenor instruments have a sound mapped to that pitch, the 'test' button won't make any sound, even if you're sounds are correctly loaded.

Bass drums SHOULD work however (you should hear a unison LH rim click).

If the "bank high" field is getting switched to OFF, you might have the wrong sound set loaded. Since you're using a soundblaster card, you'll want to have the correct sound set engaged for this device. You can change this by going to the DEVICES window, and in the 'sound set' column, set it to "Virtual Drumline (in bank 1 of soundblaster card)" Once you've done this, selecting your instruments with the "sound" menu (in the mixer window) should automatically enter all the right settings.

If you aren't seeing that sound set in the devices window, you haven't properly installed the sound sets in your Sibelius>Sounds folder. Be sure you have the updated soundsets from TapSpace by downloading them at:

Don't worry, once you've done this a few times, it's not as cryptic as it sounds.

good luck!
Hey Jim

Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately I believe I've tried all of those things...

The test button does indeed work, playing a C when I click on it for snare, bass, tenor, but for cymbal I get a cymbal sound. But it is making a sound.

I have the Full version loaded to Synth A in my AudioHQ under bank 001.
I double checked in the configure instrument to make sure they are all listed there. In the Properties I also have Synth A selected.

I have the sounds loaded to SB Live! Synth A (9400). I'm pretty sure this is correct because in the mixer I have switched the "devices" available and this is the only one showing Virtual Drumline. They are viewable if I go in and change them in "devices" but that's obviously not necessary. None of the others (Synth B or Sw Synth, Kontakt Player, etc.) have the sounds as an option because I've designated them only to Synth A in the devices menu. Does it matter how many are on at one time? Also Kontakt only has "kotakt silver" available in the the sound set menu, but the rest have everything. Is that normal?

I previously updated the soundsets as well as the template file for Sibelius 3 from

If all that sounds good...

Problem is, I can indeed select these sounds when the bank high says "off" or 0, but 1 and above, they can also be selected but everything then switches back to off (bank high and low). I tried these anyway in Sibelius, but by playing C# and D# on the snare line, all I get are pitches played back over quarter notes being entered.

As I mentioned, cymbals, are bank high = 1 and sound fine in the test. I have tried these in Sibelius and they are displaying different cymbal sounds as expected so in otherwards seems to be working great.

Sorry to ramble, just wanted to give you as many details as possible. Thanks for any advice you have.

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