Stereo separation

I'm would like to play back my drum cadences with just one bass drum panned to the right (everything else to the left). I think it would be a good non-contact practice device.
Anybody know if that's possible? Finale 2004.

Thanks for any help.
What is your sampler?

- David
If you're using Kontakt or Kompakt, you can simply pan each instrument to the side you want (within the sampler program).

It is relatively easy if what you wish to do is pan one voice to the side. If what you mean to say is place only 1 of the bass drum parts to the right while all the others are on the left, that is a bit more involved. It can be done using Reason or Battery.

Ted Boliske
To pan one drum in Kontakt, open the mapping editor for the basses. Select the samples that you want to pan (shift select to grab more than one of them at once). Double click on the "0" in the "PAN:" box and enter the percentage that you want the drum panned.


- David
Thanks everyone for the responses.
I'm using the "medium size" soundfonts with an SB Live (OEM - great $15.00 deal on E-bay!).

I guess the question is really for Finale, but I thought maybe someone here could offer some insight.

I'm a relatively new user of VD/Finale, but it sure seems like Sibelius would have been a better way to go. Live and learn.

Thanks again.
Finale doesn't have anything to do with stereo output.

Or, am I missing something here?
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