Putting VD scores on CD

I have Sibelius 3.1.3, and quicktime 6 pro. I can't get quicktime to use the VD sounds when converting to a .wav file. Is it even possible for me to get my stuff onto CD for my students or am I wasting my time?
If you are trying to use the "record to CD" feature from within Sibelius, it won't work. The only sounds that will record that way are the ones that are loaded into the Kontakt Silver/Gold Player within Sibelius.

Instead, try using another utility such as WireTap (I assume you're using an OSX Mac). You can download WireTap for free here:

Thanks for the reply Adam. I know the record to CD within Sibelius won't work because you must be using Kontakt player for that. I was trying to use the process for Quicktime pro that is outlined on the Sibelius help site, but again, as soon as the file was converted, it would use general MIDI sounds. Anyway, I'm not on Mac, I'm using a PC. Any other suggestions? Again, I appreciate the help!
I didn't realize you were a Windows user. Try [b]No.1 Sound Recorder.[/b] You can download the latest version of it at: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/win/25880
Thanks Adam, worked liked a charm!!
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