Cadence using Virtual Drumline mp3

Here is the Cadence we use at Boise State University.
I threw it together really quick 'cause I wanted to know what you all thought.
Virtual Drumline has changed the way I teach drumlines!
The best thing since the invention of the moon!!! :D

Here is the link

Let me know if it works!!!
Sorry about the link :lol:

Try this one:

Let me know if this one works! :roll:

It doesn't :x
Sorry guys. I don't know how/where to upload my MP3 files so you all can get to them.

If anyone knows how please tell me. :cry:
Email the file to and maybe Tapspace can host the file for you!

Nathan did a great job on this cadence using sounds from Virtual Drumline and some of the 'dinks and duts' floating around from the forum. Nice stuff!

It's available for everyone to check out at this link:
Thanks Jim. :D

Check it out and let me know what you think.
I should mention that Zach Garner wrote this for the 2000 Boise State University Drumline.
He is currently our Drumline "Specialist". (He writes the drumline parts :wink: ).

Well done. Who gets to march the Long Ranger and Dr. Beat?
Funny :lol:

I put those in so it would make it better to practice with.
I split it up into 5 different mp3.

full line
snare only
tenor only
bass only
cymbal only

Thus making it easy for at home practicing.

But Does anybody know how to put up mp3's? I have a double beat type warmup that we use in our scholastic indoor winterdrumline that i just put into virtual drumline and i wanted everyones opinion on it.

I use a program called Digital Sound Recorder. It records streaming audio into MP3 ,WMA, or WAV formats. Basically what you hear coming out of your speakers is what you are saving as an mp3/wma/wav.

I just hit record and immediately playback on my notation software. Then hit stop when it's done.

It's very simple and does a great job.

They have a trial version, or you can do what I did and buy the full version for about $30. It was worth it.

Here is the link for the Digital Sound Recorder:

Hope this is what you wanted.


If you don't have any web space to host the mp3, send it to tapspace at They may be able to host if for you, at least for a while.


Thanks I sent them an email.
Does anyone know of any [b]free[/b] MIDI to WAV or MP3 converters?
I think it's usually best to record audio (wav) in real-time with an audio recording program (free/shareware options are available). Once you've created the wav, you can convert to MP3 with something like Itunes.
Yes, I realized that. But everything I try has a horrible time limit on it.
I can simply splice together multiple files using Cool Edit, but it's still a pain to have to go through all that work if the piece is 7 or 8 minutes long.
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