Cadence using Virtual Drumline mp3

Here is the Cadence we use at Boise State University.
I threw it together really quick 'cause I wanted to know what you all thought.
Virtual Drumline has changed the way I teach drumlines!
The best thing since the invention of the moon!!! :D

Here is the link

Let me know if it works!!!
Does anyone know of any [b]free[/b] MIDI to WAV or MP3 converters?
I think it's usually best to record audio (wav) in real-time with an audio recording program (free/shareware options are available). Once you've created the wav, you can convert to MP3 with something like Itunes.
Yes, I realized that. But everything I try has a horrible time limit on it.
I can simply splice together multiple files using Cool Edit, but it's still a pain to have to go through all that work if the piece is 7 or 8 minutes long.
If you are a Mac OSX user, WireTap is free and isn't limited on how long you can record. Some shareware programs will place recording limits until you purchase a license. Luckily, these are usually programs inexpensive.
I don't want to keep off topic for much longer, I [b]do[/b] realize that most avaliable programs fall in the $30-$50 range, but since marching band has started already, I'm out of a job.

Thanks for your help though.
If you have Cool Edit, perhaps you could simply route the audio OUT to the audio IN, and simply record your compositions that way, without having to worry about the free time limits of the misc. shareware programs. I'm not sure if that would be an option for you.

good luck,
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