Cadence using Virtual Drumline mp3

Here is the Cadence we use at Boise State University.
I threw it together really quick 'cause I wanted to know what you all thought.
Virtual Drumline has changed the way I teach drumlines!
The best thing since the invention of the moon!!! :D

Here is the link

Let me know if it works!!!
Sorry guys. I don't know how/where to upload my MP3 files so you all can get to them.

If anyone knows how please tell me. :cry:

It doesn't :x
Sorry about the link :lol:

Try this one:

Let me know if this one works! :roll:
Since I'm not an MSN type of person, I can't get to the file.

Oh well.
it didn't work for said that the file was corrupt or could not be found...
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