Need help On Seb. 3 and with new soundcard Audigy 2zs

[b]Well, hello peoples. I was wondering If anybody knows How to use soundfont with CL SB Audigy 2zs. It says it has soundfont on it but is dif. from the one that I use to have SB live 5.1. It is verry difficult to understand with this s. card . Can anybody help me how to use Seb. 3 and how to install the sounds from my vd to the s card and into sebelius? I would Appreciate the help. thnkx.

p.s I forgot another thing, when I went to audio HQ all I see is device control and eax control and I uninstall it 2 times b/c i Thought it didn't downloaded it right.[/b]
I'm using finale so I can't help you much on sib, but I do have SB Audigy 2zs.
This sound card is set up a little different.
Click on Start menu, programs, creative, sound blaster audigy 2 zs, and then soundfont bank manager.
Once this loads click Bank on the upper left.
Select which bank you want to load VD into and either drag and paiste or load.
To change inputs and the amount of memory available click on Midi Devices instead of Bank.

Hope this helps. Took me awaile to figure it out myself.

THANKS NATHAN FOR THE REPLY . it really helped
For some reason i can raise the amount of space of my allowed memory for sound fonts above 46.2 Mb.

Any thoughts anyone .Anything is welcome

The amount of memory you're able to allocate to soundfonts is directly related to how much memory is in your machine. Keep in mind, if you have 256MB RAM, a good portion of that ram is already being used to run the operating system and any applications that may be running, so you won't get nearly that amount (256) to allocate to soundfonts. This is one of the main reasons it's recommended to use at least 512mb RAM when using Virtual Drumline as the instruments will demand a good chunk of that memory.

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