Getting Vritual Drumline to Sound as it looks

My question is a little complicated, I hope someone understands?

I want to be able to type in my drum score into sibelius and print it out for my drumline to read, but at the same time I want to be able to play the score back and have it read just how it is written. For instance, if I want a certain cymbal crash I would just write that on the third space and then write roll above it. To get that sound on the program I would have to put the note way below the staff. Is there a way that I can kill two birds with one stone here, or am I going to go and re map everything in the edit staff tool. Do changing the note head change the sound?

Thanks for all the help!!


Indeed there's a way to kill two birds with one stone. Simply use the free template supplied by Tapspace, and when you enter the VDL notes with your midi keyboard, they'll display on an appropriate staff line with an appropriate notehead, and your playback sounds as desired. All the work has been done for you in "edit staff types." You can, of course, modify the template however you wish, but the heavy lifting has already been handled by Tapspace.

The most current rendition of the Sibelius templates and sound sets are available at the [b][url=]Virtual Drumline Support Site[/url][/b]

What if you are not using a midi keyboard at this moment?
It'll definitely make life more difficult if you're attempting to do this level of sample input/playback without a midi keyboard. For the time you'll waste pointing, dragging, and reconfiguring, it'll be worth the $99 for a nice easy-to-use USB keyboard. Check with tapspace for the Keystation 49e. It'll be your lowest-cost option.

Ok So I got everything working and its great. I took your advice and I bought a midi keyboard off of I bought the M - Audio Oxygen 8 midi keyboard. The problem I am having is that I connected it to my laptop via usb, installed the drivers, but it wont work in sibelius 3. Is there a setting that I have to turn on or something like in sibelius or in kompakt. I can't figure it out.

This is what I have.

Under Devices I have this:

Kontakt player - test - no - kontakt silver - 35
Microsoft GS Wavetable - test - yes - General Midi
Maple Midi Out: Port 1 - test - yes - Virtual Drumline (giga/kontakt/kompakt)
Maple Midi Out: Port 2 - test - yes - General Midi
Maple Midi Out: Port 3 - test - yes - General Midi
Maple Midi Out: Port 4 - test - yes - general midi

Than under Input devices I have:
Maple Midi In: Port 1
Maple Midi In: Port 2
Maple Midi In: Port 3
Maple Midi In: Port 4

When I play on the keyboard nothing happens in the box, and my midi thru key is checked

Little Confused

Hey Nick - It sounds like your driver for the Oxygen8 isn't installed properly. Maybe try downloading the latest driver installer from M-Audio's website. If that still doesn't work, try downloading/installing the Radium driver instead. I've found that one more reliable on my mac, but I'm not sure about windows folks.
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