Not really a VDL topic, pit layout stencils...

I know this isn't really related to VDL, but I know a few of the readers here would benefit from this information.

I've designed a pit layout stencil in Omnigraffle (diagraming and charting software for MacOS-X). Some of you use OS X, so this may be a benefit.


A sample pit setup using Omnigraffle.

This is what the stencil set looks like.


Download it here [url][/url]

This looks great...what kind of file is this? I have OmniGraffle, but I can't seem to open this file. After unzipping, it's labeled on my desktop as "pitlayout.gstencil". Thanks in advance...

Follow this path...

*HardDriveName*/*UserName*/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/

Just drop the file into the Stencils directory for it to show up in the stencils window. If the Stencils directory doesn't exist, just create that folder yourself.

If you want to allow all users to see it, put it in this directory...

*HardDriveName*/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/

(substitute your OS-X drive name and your user name above)

- David
Check with Omni to be sure that you're using version 3 (previous versions didn't have the stencils, I think).

I just realized that OS-X comes with 2.2 installed. You can, at least, download the trial version of 3.1.2. It works with a "trial license" that you get from their site.

- David
OK, I know this thread is really old, but I was just going over old threads. Yes, I'm that bored.

I was curious to see if anyone knew of a program similar to Omnigraffle for PC?

Orrrr...I was wondering if some of graphically inclined people like Dave would be able to create those graphics to be usable on a PC program.
What software would you like to use?
Well, I have Adobe PageMaker and Illustrator, so I guess something that is usable in either of those programs. I also have MS Publisher, but it seems more limited than the other two.
Hi, really cool stencil. I was also wondering what program I could use to open the stencil.
Wow - I know that this was posted some time ago but I just found it :).�� Great stuff - this will be extremely helpful to me. - Thanks a million!
Just wondering if anyone has found a good soulution for PC? Would Illustrator be the right way to go? Can you do 'stencils' like these in any PC graphics programs? CAD?

I'd bet there is, but I'm not sure what it would be. You might search around the internet for "diagramming applications" and see what you come up with.
I'm giving SmartDraw 7 a try, it looks like a good option. I'll post back after I've made time to play with it.
I had created a file in MSWord several years ago, but apparently never posted it here.

If you are a Windows user, or even a Mac user that wants to use MSWord for your pit layout diagrams, use the following file.

It contains the original set of instruments and can be used however you wish.

- David

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