Sibelius playback

Everything appears loaded correctly, it even sounds correct as I enter my notes. But when I play it back for some reason the snare line will not play back. All other lines do but the snare does not. I'm sure there is ONE LITTLE detail that I'm overlooking, any help would be appreciated.
You're probably very close indeed. Please indicate your settings and someone should be able to more accurately guide you.

Settings that will be helpful are:
notation software/version
what you're loading samples into (soundcard/sampler)
what operating system (mac/pc)

any other settings within the devices/mixer windows (sibelius), or midi setup/instrument list (finale) that may be helpful.

Dell Dimension Computer
2.4 GHz Pentium 4
Windows XP
Sibelius 3

I downloaded the upgraded Sound Set earlier today and is working well. I hear the snare sounds being entered through "live playback" but nothing at all when I try to listen to the whole score playback or even when I isolate the snare part for playback.

Hope this helps.
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