Sondfont Manager

I have a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 NX USB connected sound card. It came with SoundFont Manger. I have loaded the VD MEd.sf2 into the 001 bank. On the SoundFont Manager's virtual keyboard I can play all of the presets. However in Sibelius I select the soundfont synth as my device and I put the sound set VD bank 1 as the set to use. I still get nothing. Any sugestions?
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In the Soundfont Manager, check to see if there's a setting which indicates your default soundfont playback device. If you find this, write it down. Then set the default playback device in Sibelius (devices window) to the same thing. This setting differs for everyone depending on what soundcard they use, so there's no standardized setting to suggest. If you still have problems, post here and let us know what all the playback-device options available are in the soundfont device manager, as well as in the Sibelius device window.

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