New User Needs Help - Sibelius/Kontakt/MacOSX10.2.8

I have recently purchased Sibelius 3 and Kontakt 1.5. I am running them on OS X 10.2.8. I need help setting everything up so that VD will work. I have read the VD help file and I am more confused than ever. Step-by-step help would be greatly appreciated.

It is funny - I had the same situation hit me except I am running OX 10.3 instead of 10.2.8. Check this out It is a step by step listing of how to get both Kontakt and Sibelius set up to work properly with Virtual DrumLine.

As a side note, you are not going to be able to keep from smiling the first time you hear your arrangements being played back using Virtual DrumLine. MAN is it cool!!!

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, with OSX10.2.8, I cannot make it past the first group of instructions which indicate the need to set-up the IAC driver as the MIDI device. I have no IAC driver, or at least its not in the same place as it is in 10.3. Any other suggestions?

- Dan
Dan - you are correct. The setup is slightly different for Jaguar (10.2.x) as opposed to Panther (10.3.x).

The main difference is that Jaguar doesn't include the IAC component, so instead of that, you'll use a free utility called MIDI PATCHBAY. Check these instructions (found on the Tapspace VDrumline suppport page):

Basically, the Midi Patchbay program will serve as the driver that allows Sibelius to communicate with Kontakt.

Sorry for the confusion. I did not realize there would be that difference between the two versions of OS X. I am glad Jim could help out. Again, I apologize for my adding to the confusion.
No worries Dave - it's great to see you contributing to the forum! It's how we all get more familiar with this stuff.

You both been helpful. Thanks for your help thus far.

Jim, I followed the instructions for MIDI patchbay and for getting Kontakt and Sibelius to work together. However, when I attempt to enter a note on the Sibelius VD template my computer, a Powerbook G4, freezes and I hear a buzz that seems to be a snare sound gone horribly wrong. The buzz plays in fits and starts and then sustains a high volume. I have gone through the process four times, each time attempting to input a different note/voice on the VD template. Same results. Interestingly, I have successfully played "Spice Mon" using VD sounds. I love it! Now I want to play back my compositions. Any ideas what may be going wrong?

Thanks again.

- Dan
Dan - My hunch is that your selected INPUT DEVICE (in the devices window from Sibelius) is the same as your default OUTPUT DEVICE, which can create that nasty loop. Try de-selecting MidiPatchbay port 1 as your input device (in sibelius), or selecting your actual keyboard input device there.

Also, check to be sure that in Kontakt, your only setting for MIDI-IN is your midi patchbay.

Let me know if this works.

Your idea to de-select MIDI patchbay as the input device did work.

More questions:

I do not have a keyboard. Does note input with a mouse limit the number of sounds available? For example, when I input a snare note on the snare line, I hear a snare sound. In order to hear a rimshot, I have to input what looks like an A several notes above the staff. Have a recommendation for a keyboard? I have been looking at the Keystation 49e.

Also, how do you save a VD composition as an audio file? Sibelius tells me that only files that use the Kontakt Player will be able to be saved as audio files?

Your help is most appreciated.

- Dan
Since you don't have a midi keyboard, entering all the notes properly will become a time-consuming challenge. All the sounds are certainly available, but accessing them will be tricky without the midi keyboard. To get more familiar with all the sounds possible, you should printout/study the keymap diagrams from the VDL help file.

I know tapspace is working on some alternative keymaps for Kontakt/Kompakt users, but I think this may still have some limitations. On staves that use percussion mapping, Sibelius plays back its sounds based on the INPUT note (what you entered on your MIDI keyboard), as well as the NOTEHEAD displayed. If you aren't using a midi keyboard, it will be tricky to accurately tell Sibelius which INPUT pitch you intend for it to play.

The keystation 49e is probably the lowest-cost, easiest-to-use option since it uses USB for communication as well as powering. Plus it offers more keys than the Oxygen8 (and it's less expensive).

Creating audio files:
This is a popular question. You can search around the forum for various discussions. Here's one that should probably help:
Wiretap will be a quick solution for you I'm sure.

good luck!

Thanks for your suggestions. WireTap worked nicely.

I am still a little confused about note input with a mouse. Let's say I want the Sticks on Shell sound from the Snare Line sound bank. According to the keymap, I need to input a D two octaves below middle C. If middle C were the first line below the snare stave, then inputting a D two octaves lower takes us into the tenor range. Is there a way to play back the Sticks on Shell sound, but have the notehead appear on the snare stave?

Thanks again for your help.

- Dan
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