converting Kontakt Player Sibelius scores into VD scores

I took a cadence I wrote in sibelius using the Kontakt Player Silver for playback, copied it, and pasted it on the VD Sibelius Template. It did not play back using VD sounds. Has anyone else out there successfully converted some of their pre-VD work? If so, how'd you do it?

- Dan
You have to remember that the Virtual Drumline template is very specific about what note value each sound is. For example, F#4 (or is it 5) is a regular snare hit for the left hand and G#4/5 is regular snare hit right hand. If you didn't write your original piece with that in mind, then it won't play back properly.
Bill is right. Plugging an older score (pre-VDL) won't play properly by simply plugging into the VDL template. I know tapspace is working on some solutions to help this, however for now, the best bet would be to re-enter the notes.

One thing that many people don't realize is that the VDL template contains percussion maps that use numerous noteheads. Even though most of the noteheads look the same, they're technically different (i.e. LH snare hit (F#5) is notehead #0, RH snare hit (G#5) is notehead #24). This has to do with the way Sibelius interprets noteheads that may have been entered on different pitches, but are displayed on the same line. Anyway, for now, your best bet may be to re-enter the battery parts to playback using the VDL sounds.

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