*NEW Sibelius 3/Virtual Drumline™ templates - version 3.1*

[b]July 29, 2004:
For all registered users of Virtual Drumline™ and Sibelius 3:[/b]

Revised Sibelius/Virtual Drumline templates and Soundsets now available from Tap Space.

VERSION 3.1 (JULY 29, 2004)
What's changed:
1) Fixed nasty bug where noteheads were duplicating themselves upon copy/paste function, thus creating very bulky and sluggish scores.
2) Added Full Band template
3) Added Full Battery/Pit template
4) Added "dual" Drumline template

[b]To download the files, visit the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/vdrumlinesupport.html]Virtual Drumline™ support page[/url][/b][/b]
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