Sibelius Troubleshooting

I just installed Sibelius 3 and then installed VD. I have the sounds set up and i can enter in notes and the sounds playback, however when I enter in notes, they appear on a random part of the screen and only have note stems, no noteheads. Any ideas on whats wrong?
Are you using the template that is on the CD? Using the percussion map will greatly reduce problems.

yeah I am using the newly released template VDLTemplate_v31. Im not sure if this is a problem due to Sibelius or due to VD, since I just installed both of them.
You should be sure to use a MIDI keyboard to enter your pitches so that Sibelius knows which exact pitch (and octave) you intend to enter. Since you're using the template from Tapspace, when you enter notes this way, they'll appear on the correct staff line with appropriate noteheads.

Are you using a midi keyboard? If you don't have one, there's a fairly inexpensive, easy-to-use model available from tapspace. It's the M-Audio Keystation 49e. Check it out here:

hope this helps,
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