Adding your own sounds

Ok, I have a question

Say I go and record percussion Duts or a Doctor Beat and I turn them into wav files. Is there a way that I could load them into Kompakt and then map them into sibelius so that they play back just like virtual drumline does. Is there a certain procedure that you must do or is it not possible with kompakt.

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This is definitely possible. Simply drag the wav file from Kompakt's browser window onto an unmapped key in your selected Kompakt instrument. It'll then be mapped to that note.

If you want to have sibelius play that note with a certain style of notation, you'll need to go to "edit staff types" for the particular staff you're looking to edit.

Or even easier, just write your duts and dr. beats on a separate staff line, and don't worry about printing or mapping them since you're most likely using these for playback only.

good luck,
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