Device change question

Hey Guys - I am wondering if it is possible to change what device is playing a specific staff DURING playback.

I am using the DLS music device sounds for my keyboards, and Kontakt for the VD and auxillary percussion samples.

For example, lets say halfway through a score, I want the vibe staff (using the DLS vibe sound) to play jingle bells (using the Kontakt player jingle bell sample, channel 16). Can this be achieved through midi messages?

On a similar note, does anyone know of any cheap, downloadable keyboard samples that I could use in Kontakt to avoid this issue altogether? (until VDpit comes out of course!)

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To the best of my knowledge, this sort of device change (occurring mid-score) is not possible. You might try sending the same question to Sibelius to see if they have any advice. This would be a helpful feature.

For cheap downloadable sounds, try searching for free soundfonts. They're compatible with Kontakt, and I think you can find several free sources if you dig deep enough.

good luck!
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