I just got a new computer the other day. I am finally using Windows XP with a 3.0 Ghz processor and one gig of RAM. I got Kompakt, Finale 2003 and Virtual Drumline all installed and set up properly. When I play back a piece through Finale, I hear the sounds I want, but eventually it will lock up and not play any further. If I stop the playback and try to start over, it won't play at all.

At first I thought it might be a problem with the Oxygen8 keyboards driver, but that isn't it. Kompakt works fine so I'm thinking it might be a Finale issue. Anyone else have any thoughts?
I wonder if this is related to this same problem...

Actually, the problem was rather simple to solve. Sometimes Finale 2003 is quirky with Windows XP. If you right click on Finale and go to properties, click on Compatibility. Then, make sure "Run this program compatibility mode for" is checked and set it to Windows 98/Windows ME.

I did that and it worked like a charm.
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