New user need help Win XP/Finale 2003a/soundblaster/oxygen8

Hello all,

I have had VD for about 1 1/2 years now and I still can't get it to work...I kinda gave up on it for a while.

This is my set up...
Windows XP
Finale 2003a
Oxygen 8 USB keyboard
SoundBlaster Aud 2

I have installed the fonts to SoundBlaster’s sound font bank. They play back when I play on the computerized keyboard AND on the USB Keyboard (oxygen
The VD Full is in bank 001
The Snare Full is listed on Preset 000
Tenors full 001
Tenors full 2 002

My Audio device settings are...
Midi In is set to USB Keystation
Sound Font Device is set to SB Audigy 2 Synth A [A440]
Sound Playback is set to SB Audigy 2 Synth A [A440]
MIDI Music Playback Default device is set to SB Audigy 2 Synth A [A440]

I have downloaded and installed VD *ETF drumline template

I write music in the template and when I play it back in Finale I get piano sounds. I have gone into instrument settings and searched for the snare/tenor/bass/cymbals sounds and they are not there.

I am confused, and ready to give up again.
I am also tired of hearing woodblock/melodic tom/taiko drum

Anyone's help would be much appreciated,
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Hi guys,

It sounds like Finale may not be configured correctly so that it's properly sending its MIDI info to your Soundblaster card's correct bank. Do this from within Finale's MIDI SETUP window, and be sure you've set the MIDI-Out Device to "SB Audigy 2 Synth A." You should set the MIDI-In Device to your M-Audio USB Keystation driver.

If that still doesn't work, try setting your MIDI-OUT device (in Finale) to "Default MIDI Output Device".

If you aren't seeing SCV Snares, SCV Tenors, etc in the "Instrument List" window, are you absolutely certain you are working within the VDL Template? Those should automatically appear in the instrument list window.

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