Okay, got finale... what else??

Hi. I'm interested in buying VD, but i want to make sure i have everything i need before i buy it. I've got finale 2003, and a decent computer (i've got 512mB of RAM, and a decent sound card... its called 'Santa Cruz Turtle Beach'.) In both of the possible system setups on the requirements page, a MIDI keyboard is listed.... do i need one of these, or can you do without?? Anything else i would need??

Thanks a bunch!! :D
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I don't think your soundcard is compatible with soundfonts, so you'd probably want to pick up a copy of Kompakt by Native Instruments. With that, you can load the Virtual Drumline sounds into it, and control it via Finale.

Yes, you should have a midi keyboard so that you can input the correct pitches into Finale. This is important because the percussion sounds are mapped to various octaves, and in order for Finale to know which sound you intend for it to play, you need to enter it with a keyboard. Using the pre-formatted VDrumline Finale template (available for free on the tapspace vdrumline support page), entering mapped pitches will place the notes on the correct staff lines with appropriate noteheads (i.e. "x" for rim shots, etc). The keystation 49e is a great, low-cost USB keyboard controller that is compatible with both PC and Mac. Plus if you buy Virtual Drumline with it, you can save 20% on the library.

The only other thing you'd need is Maple Midi Tools to serve as the driver which allows Finale to access your sampler (kompakt). It's free and available for download from http://www.marblesound.com

Hope this helps,
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