Buzz Roll mapping

I am using virtual drumline with reason and sibelius and am also using the sibelius 3 template. I am having touble in that when I input a note using one of the bozz sounds it plays back as a normal hit, but if I shift the note up or down an octave or so (depending on the instrument) the buzz sound will play back. Is this a problem with the template I'm using ?I didn't have this problem with sibelius 2.

Thanks for any help

Bob Burt

That sounds strange. I'd start by confirming that your input MIDI keyboard hasn't somehow switched octaves. You'd be amazed at how often that can happen, and how much confusion it can cause. :)

Tahnks for the reply Adam.
I am using an oxogen 8 keyboard and sometimes I have to switch octaves to trigger the correct buzz sounds. Bass sounds seem to be ok mainly snre and tenor sounds.
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