Help with VD and Cymbals!

I have for the first time a Cymbal line. Is there a way I can use different staves for each player but still use the solo cymbal sounds in VD? Please help!

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Jeremy - A while ago, Nick Braasch (former SCV cymbal player and VDL user) had a great suggestion for this. It's not completely convenient, however it works great. Basically, he'd create a staff for playback, and another staff for printing. The "print" staff would be muted so as to not affect playback. So you could write your sounds how you want to hear them, then in the other staff below it, notate exactly how you want the players to split them up.

At SCV, I usually write unison parts on the center line, and split parts below it. It's often easier for me to let our players and/or cymbal instructors handle how exactly the split parts are distributed so that it works physically for they players and the music.

Good luck!
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