VD with Kontakt and Finale 2003 (or Sibelius 3) Windows XP

I load my Virtual Drumline sounds into Kontakt, but how do I give them a MIDI number? In Finale I have MIDI in as Maple, and MIDI out as Default. I do not understand what Maple does in this whole proccess. I have tried different MIDI inputs and outputs, but all attempts have proven unsuccessful, does anyone have any suggestions? -Ian
Are you using the Virtual Drumline template? If you're not, then getting it to play back properly will be tricky. If you are using the template, the Finale channels will be set properly. All you then have to do is make sure that Kontakt is set up to the same channels.

Maple MIDI Tools links the signals that Finale sends out to Kontakt so the proper notes are played back.

Midi in should be set to default or USB keyboard if you're using a USB keyboard. MIDI out should be set to Maple MIDI Tools 1.
Thankyou for your reply, Yesterday I got Virtual Drumline to work on my computer with Finale 2003. It seemed like what I needed to do was in MIDI setup for MIDI in select (none) and for MIDI out select Maple Midi: Port 1. Yet when I returned to the program, for some reason it isn't working again.
In Kontakt I have all of my voices loaded and have them set to different "OMNI" numbers such as 1,2 & 3. In Finale MIDI Setup, I have MIDI in as (none) and MIDI out as Maple Port: 1. In Instrument Window I have my instrument channels set to those in Kontakt. And in Sounds & Audio Devices (in control panel) I have the MIDI playback as Maple Port: 1. What am I doing wrong?
It sounds like you are very close. You might try setting Finale's midi-out to "default midi device" since you have Maple set in your Sounds and Audio Devices control panel. See if that works. Everything else sounds like you're set up properly.

In Finale, your MIDI-IN should be set to your input midi keyboard (driver) if you have one attached (recommended).

Bill is right. Maple midi tool is what allows Finale to communicate with Kontakt. Think of it as a virtual midi cable that connects the two (kontakt/finale) together.

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