Send us your demos!

For all you Virtual Drumline junkies, now's your chance to show off what you've done! We're looking for user demos that can be posted on the tapspace website to use as examples of all the madness you've cooked up with your Virtual Drumline sounds.

If your demo is selected, we'll be sure to give you credit as the composer/arranger, and will feature your creations on our demos page. Send the recording in MP3 format directly to tapspace at Please include your name, title of the piece, and any organization affiliation you might want listed. We prefer that the recordings use ONLY sounds from Virtual Drumline, but if your recordings use other sources as well (like an external synth for pit sounds, or GM soundcard), please indicate which devices were used to create the recording.

Due to size limitations, we can't guarantee that all submissions will be used, but we'll do our best! Don't be shy. All submissions are welcome.

Happy Sequencing!
hey i have many things i've made with vd but i dont know how to make them into an mp3 from the original midi format, and im not using mozart so any ideas to get my format change with out buying a program????

This is Boise State University's Cadence. It was written by Zach Garner. We have played it for 4 years now. I put the duts and dr. beat in there from some sound fonts floating around in these forums. The Dr. Beat works great for at home practicing. I made an audio CD of Boise's show and warmup music for us to practice at home with. This has greatly improved the line. THANKS TAP SPACE, JIM, AND STAFF, FOR VIRTUAL DRUMLINE!!! It's the best investment I have made!!!

~Nathan Willis
BSU Section Leader '04
That's great Nathan. Nice work! And using the dr. beat and duts was a nice touch of realism.

It sounds like you may have somehow inserted a modwheel change that switched the tenors to puffies towards the beginning of the cadence. Still, it's a cool demo so thanks for sharing it. Glad to hear VDL has been so helpful for you. Spread the word! :)
drummaster - to make an MP3, you have to record the playback audio. There's a variety of ways to do this, but if you sniff around for some shareware or freeware programs at or, you'll probably find something that should work for you.

WireTap is great for Macintosh OSX, and there's been good reports about "#1 Sound Recorder" for Windows users.

If you can record it as a .wav or .aif file, converting to MP3 is easy (and free) using Apples itunes. It's compatible for both mac/pc platforms as well.
I sent a demo in a few weeks ago and haven't heard a peep from anyone at Tap Space.
Hi everyone. I'm brand new to the TapSpace forums but no stranger to Virtual Drumline. I thoroughly enjoy using Virtual Drumline in conjunction with Finale for arranging.

I have found that creating a "simulated recording" of music arrangements is a great help to my students.

[quote="Tap Space"]We're looking for user demos that can be posted on the tapspace website to use as examples of all the madness you've cooked up with your Virtual Drumline sounds.[/quote]

Can you point me to the place where I can listen to some submitted samples? I listened to the university cadence posted earlier in this forum; nice work. Are there any others?

We aren't able to post all of the submissions that we've received. But there is a nice collection of various user demos to check out at the [url=][b]VIRTUAL DRUMLINE DEMO PAGE[/b][/url].

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