Using my own samples in Kontakt

I'm new to sampling and need some help! I've managed to record some auxillary sounds, load them into a kontakt instrument, and get them to play from Sibelius, but I'm having some detail issues. Any help would be much appreciated!

1. When playing the VD samples it will allow more than one sample to trigger at the same time (i.e. bass 3 and 4 hitting at the same time)...however when I try to get my samples to trigger at the same time, it will only play one. Any advice?

2. My cymbal and gong samples are triggering fine from Sibelius, however, it will abruptly cut the sample off when, say, the half note value is up. Is there a way to get it to play an entire sample (cymbal crash through the entire decay) without having to notate 4 bars of cymbal? (i.e. I could notate a quarter note "cymbal crash", but the sample would actually last much longer than the quarter note value, through the determined sample)

Thanks! Seth
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