volume in sibelius

hey everyone...

the problem that i am having is that when i go to use sibelius my volume decreases dramatically...so to get it to sound normal, i have to crank my volume way up...the volume on my mixer is staying the same, but the volume of my computer becomes really quiet without actually lowering the volume level...

does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

please advise...

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Chris - Where do you have your samples loaded? If they're in a soundblaster card, you can adjust the VDL volume with your AudioHQ mixer utility. If they're loaded into a program like Kompakt, you can individually adjust the volume of each track within the sampler. Track settings in the Sibelius mixer can also be controlled. So there are a few options for fine-tuning your volume. It's just sort of dependent on how you're using the sounds.
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