problems with vd in finale

in finale when i enter notes the wrong notehead appears and the sound isn't right. for example when i enter snare hits it plays back the felt mallets instead of regular snare hits. this kinda thing happens with all the other instruments to. what am i doing wrong.
If you are entering with Simple Note entry (with your mouse), it's important that you click on the staff where the actual VDL sound is mapped. For example, a RH snare hit is mapped to G#5. If you click on that staff space, the note should display in the right spot, and play the right sound.

It's MUCH easier to simply enter notes in with a midi keyboard though. With the extensive amount of sounds in the VDL library, pointing and clicking will drive you insane...
i am using a midi keyboard, and i'm usig the speedy entry.
[quote="morkstanley"]i am using a midi keyboard, and i'm usig the speedy entry.[/quote]

Are you using a mini keyboard like the Oxygen 8? If you are, make sure you are in the correct octave. If you want regular snare hits, and you're using the Oxygen 8, make sure the readout says U 1.
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