Kompakt/Oxygen 8

I just had to have my hard drive replaced and have had to reinstall everything. Now that I have everything installed according to directions Kompakt fails to recognize the Oxygen 8 keyboard. When I go to setup in Kompakt, the keyboard is not listed under input devices. I am using Finale 2003/Kompakt on Windows XP Pro. I am opening a file that I saved on a disk before replacing the hard drive. This file is a Wind/Percussion score that had already had some work done with VD before. Now, I can't continue writing in this file with VD. What should I do to fix this? This whole system worked great before. Thanks.
You don't need Kompakt to recognize the keyboard as an input device. You only need Finale/Sibelius to recognize the keyboard.

Now, you do need to make sure that Kompakt is recognizing Maple Midi Tools.
Bill's right. If you are using Finale/Kompakt/Oxy8, the midi input within kompakt should be maple midi (windows) or IAC driver (mac osx).

You should also be sure to re-install your Oxygen8 driver if you haven't done that. It'll be needed for Finale to recognize the keyboard.
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