Kompakt/Oxygen 8

I just had to have my hard drive replaced and have had to reinstall everything. Now that I have everything installed according to directions Kompakt fails to recognize the Oxygen 8 keyboard. When I go to setup in Kompakt, the keyboard is not listed under input devices. I am using Finale 2003/Kompakt on Windows XP Pro. I am opening a file that I saved on a disk before replacing the hard drive. This file is a Wind/Percussion score that had already had some work done with VD before. Now, I can't continue writing in this file with VD. What should I do to fix this? This whole system worked great before. Thanks.
Bill's right. If you are using Finale/Kompakt/Oxy8, the midi input within kompakt should be maple midi (windows) or IAC driver (mac osx).

You should also be sure to re-install your Oxygen8 driver if you haven't done that. It'll be needed for Finale to recognize the keyboard.
You don't need Kompakt to recognize the keyboard as an input device. You only need Finale/Sibelius to recognize the keyboard.

Now, you do need to make sure that Kompakt is recognizing Maple Midi Tools.
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