The Low Woodblock is missing in Tenors SCV 1 Full

Hey I am using soundblaster and everything works great. However, i just decided to try and write something that used the cowbell and the two woodblocks in it and the low woodblock has no sound for it. It displays the correct notehead and comes up in the score when I use the midi keyboard, but no sound. Also, for detail's sake, I have tried this in finale 2004b and Sibelius 3. The high WB and the CB both play fine. Any advice?
I'm not sure what this could be. I just checked that soundfont instrument by opening it with Kontakt and it works fine there. Here's another thing you can check. Open up the Keyboard in AudioHQ and see if you get the sound there.

Hey AB, i had already tried the keyboard in Audio HQ. I just cant seem to figure out what could cause it. I mean everything else works fine.....unless i get to a section that i want a low wb to be in. If you can think of anything else, then i am open to suggestions. Thanks man.

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