I am using Sibelius 2 and Sound Blaster Audigy:

I just got all of this today, so I am VERY new. Loaded the files into bank 001. Open Sibelius and everything looks fine in Devices and Mixer. Playback device matches up on SB Bank Manager and Mixer for each voice (SB Audigy Synth B). Program numbers are correct (0,1,5,7 or whatever) But I cannot get sounds to playback at all in Sibelius. They do play in the SB Bank Virtual Keyboard thingy, but nowhere else. Sometimes I get a piano, and some synth sounding keyboards instead of BD's and stuff... I saw where Jim said to change the bank high to 1, but when I do this the name of the voice disappears (Snare 1 to -blank-, etc.) Need some help, and it's probably a very simple thing, but still...

okay, for some reason now i can get ONE snare sound (just a generic hit) and some cymbal sounds - still no bass or tenors... grrr... this is frustrating!
I use the Giga versions of VDL, so I'm not proficient with the soudn font version, but how are you entering the notes? Are you using a keyboard and entering the notes into the VDL template? Remember that just because snare hits show up on the A line, doesn't mean that's where they are entered originall..
i am using the keystation 49 (from tapspace) - the only snare sound that i can hear is in the template right in the center of the snare "line" - nowhere else... and actually now i have lost all sounds again, no snare, no cymbals.....

If you manually change any of the fields in the mixer window, it'll probably cause the "sound" menu (where it says Snare 1, etc) to disappear. Don't fret though...that "sound" menu is there more as a generalized convenience than anything. If it goes bland, or possibly lists some random GM instrument, you'll still be able to hear your VDL sounds.

Just to check a couple things...

You should only load ONE soundfont bank into bank 001 (full, med, or small).

You said that SB Audigy Synth B is selected as your device for each voice in the mixer. So you'll also need to make sure that exact device is set as your Soundfont device in AudioHQ>soundfont>options (or Soundfont bank manager, whichever one came with your Audigy card). If these don't coordinate, it won't work, so you'll need to be absolutely certain.

Hang in there. It seems confusing at first, but once you become more familiar with how all this stuff talks to each other, it's not so bad. I'm sure you're very close to being all set up. Let us know.

i think i got it now - thanks adam!
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