Simple Entry help.

Hey, I just recieved Virtual Drumline in the mail and it's really awesome. A bit hard to setup, but I got it figured out none the less.

Basically my question is, all the sounds I need for snares are right and left hits and right shots.

For tenors all I need are all 5 drums right and left and right shots for all.

And basses just right hand for all the drums and a right hand rim.

So, how do I go about doing this with simple entry? I have all other sounds turned off (set to 0 as a leisure line so they aren't used). I have all the sounds on the leisure line I want them, but of course their are overlapping parts. How do I differentiate between them? Besides sliding the note up and down with the arrow keys.

Thank you for any help!

EDIT: I forgot, I am using Finale 2003. does anyone know how to change the tempo? It doesn't seem to let me change tempos anymore, its stuck at 120. I saw the other post on this which didn't help.
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To do what you're asking, you'll need to re-map your staves within Finale. If you've never done this before, it may be a little time consuming. Still, it's quite do-able.

Go to: Staff Tool
Double click on a staff that you'd like to alter (i.e. snares). This should open up the "staff attributes" window. By "notation style" it should say "percussion." You can then go into there and edit the percussion map that happens to be assigned to the staff in question.

Your finale documentation covers this in depth, as well as tempo changes.

good luck!
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