Getting Published

I'm a timpanist who has been writing solos and looking for a publisher. Does Tap Space accept submissions for publishing? And if so, how would one go about doing so? If not can you give some suggestions to someone getting started in the business.

Indeed. We're always open to receiving submissions. We do not guarantee that we can promise an interest in your work, but do in fact spend time reviewing every submission we receive. To submit a work, send us the following to:

Tap Space Publications
P.O. Box 55753
Portland, OR 97238-5753

1) a photocopied manuscript of the score. We do not return these, so please do not send any originals.

2) electronic files in Sibelius (preferred), or Finale (acceptable) format on a CD-rom (if available)

3) an audio recording of the work being performed (midi is acceptable if it's the only option)

4) a professional resume along with all pertinent contact information.

Once we've had a chance to review and consider the work, we'll contact you with a response as to whether or not we're interested in pursuing it as a publication.

Thanks for your interest!
This is probably a stupid question but does age make a big difference because ive saw some companies with like 16 and 17 year composers who were really awesome. I write for our percussion section and for a percussion section in i was just wandering...
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