VD and Noteworthy Composer?

Can VD work with Noteworthy Composer? I heard about VD on IndianaMarching and I went crazy. By the way, my name is Rick.
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Rick - I have no experience with Noteworthy Composer, but the important thing for you to realize is that Virtual Drumline actually doesn't get loaded into any notation programs, including finale or sibelius. The VDL sounds get loaded into a sampler program like Kompakt, or a sounblaster card, and are then performed by your notation program.

So in this sense, if Noteworthy Composer can send midi data out, YES it can actually play these sounds as long as you have them loaded into an appropriate playback device.

It's important to note however, that to have your notes LOOK correct while SOUNDING correctly, your notation program must be able to handle percussion mapping. Meaning, when you input a certain pitch via MIDI, your program will display that note on a certain staff-line, with an appropriate notehead, and will playback the appropriate midi pitch. As far as I'm aware, Sibelius 3 and Finale are the only notation programs that do this.
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