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I'm so confused!!! First of all, I have my Settings like this: Virtual Drumline in bank 1 of soundblaster card. I use SB Live! Synth A for the sounds. I don't have a sampler. My Friend Sent Me A Midi Of some band music and I decided to write some battery parts. So I Put the music in the band template, and I notice in the Mixer it doen't say synth A For my battery parts. In fact it doesn't even let me select synth A. What Do I do to have the correct band sounds AND drum sounds?
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Mr. Quad - start by clicking the "reset sounds" button in the sibelius mixer window. Also, be sure that your GM soundfont bank (i.e. all your wind sounds) are loaded into a different bank in your soundcard than your VDL soundfont bank. If you have VDL loaded into bank 1 on your soundblaster, your GM sounds should be in something unique like bank 0 (which is usually the default anyway).

With this in mind, you'll have to set each staff in the sibelius mixer to access the correct BANK, PROGRAM, and its own CHANNEL. The DEVICE should have the same setting for each staff (SB Live! Synth A). If you aren't seeing this as an option in the sibelius 'devices' window, you may need to alter your settings in the 'sounds and audio devices' control panel so that it's active as the 'midi music playback' device.
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