Bidule and Playback

OK, so Tony was nice enough to walk me through the setup of Bidule so I can now write music with 32 voices at a time. Life is good.

Here's the problem though. Since I got Bidule up and running, I notice there is a slight delay from when the note should sound and when it actually comes through my speakers. Is there a setting I need to alter?
Is there any information posted anywhere that can aide in setting up the plogue bidule program to work with Sibelius 3 and Kompakt?
I tried reading the tutorial but it can get a little overwhelming. I guess I don't understand the most efficient way to set up the multiple instances of Kompakt. How many cables to connect out of each instance vs. the number of instruments loaded in each instance etc. I am trying to run the virtual drumline multi (8 channels w/ added instruments) and a front ensemble multi (8 channels) at the same time. My sound card shows up by default in the plogue program but I guess am supposed to use (drag over) the various bidules. In Sibelius, it only lets me choose one playback device so I don't understand how to use the multiple bidules within Sibelius. I have experimented with different number of cables going from each instance to the mixer, but ended up freaking my computer out (settings were randomly changing in the Kompakt instances, freezing) and lost some of my work in Sibelius. I also get random "beats" durring playback. I am using a new iMac G5 with 1gig of RAM. If anyone has experience with this program and would like to share, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!
We plan to have a little tutorial posted for this topic soon.
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