Instrument list in VDL Finale template

I am havingf trouble getting the VDL sounds to come out in my finale 2003. I am using the VDL template but all I get is piano sounds out of it when trying to use my M-audio midi keyborad and the speedy entry. I noticed that in the GM (general midi) pull down on the far right of the instrument list, that it is set to a piano sound. However, when i pull list up there is all general midi sounds and no VDL. Should I select "No GM Equivalent"?

I have loaded everything the way I am supposed to on the sound card (Soundblaster Live 5.1) and I can hear the VDL sounds on the Audio HQ creative keyboard, but I can't seem to get them to play in Finale.

I know that it is probably something really simple that I am over looking here but my brain is fried from staring at my computer for hours on end.

If someone could please help me I would be froever indebted to them:)

-Jon Rice
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Jon - I think you're right. It's probably a very simple setting to alter.

In Finale, go to your MIDI SETUP window. Set the output channels 1-16 to point toward your soudblaster device (i.e. your soundcard). If you have more than one item here that looks soundblaster related, choose the one that's set as your 'soundfont device' within AudioHQ. You may need to open AudioHQ to refresh your memory.

Ignore the GM list. It's OK to set it to "no GM equivalent", but it also won't mess with anything if it's set to "piano". This list is more for convenience in less demanding setups that rely strictly on General MIDI. You won't see anything relating to VDL here.
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