Do I have all the equipment needed???

Finale 2003, Soundblaster Live 5.1, M-Audio Keystation 49e, and VDL.

Is this all I will need or do I need to get any other software to make this work? This may seem extremely remedial, but I have never used sound font files in my Finale other than what is already in there.

Any info anyone can offer on this would be great.

Jon Rice
You're good to go.

You have pretty much the barebones setup needed to run VDL (a lot of people run another layer of midi sequencing with programs like Kontakt, Reason, Kontakt, etc--but that's not needed to enjoy VDL).

Thanks man, I was begining to wonder if I had all the right stuff. I don't suppose you could tell me how to make it work now could you :D I have been running into alot of trouble with getting the VDL sounds to play in my Finale program.

If not thats cool, I am sure you have better things to do than tell some MIDI moron how to get his VDL working :lol:

Anyway thanks for the reply,

There are several posts in the VDL - Finale forum that could possibly address issues you're having or at least give you some clues as to where to start.

The first step would be following the realplayer soundfont tutorial video that is listed off of the support page at, then use your keyboard tool in AudioHQ to see if you're getting the sounds from the library.

After that, it's just a matter of mapping the correct staff to separate channels and the right program number for each instrument (usually 1,2,5,7 respectively) and having the correct midi output device listed in finale (the same one you used to load the bank in the soundfont utility in audioHQ).

Then you should be gravy. That's the general procedure and like I mentioned there should be a lot more issues/concerns that may be more relevant to your situation in the Finale forum.

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