writing for 6 basses and/or writing for 2 spock drums????

Can anyone help me? I am writing for a line and the instructor tells me he has 6 bass drums and 4 sets of tenors with 2 spock drums.
How do I write for this?
I am usine Finale 2004 and VD.. right now I start at the E line and drag up or down to get the notes I want on the tenor or bass voice, but it won't add more notes. It just stops at the top/first Bass and the 1 shot drum.
AHHHHHH help! please! I don't even care if the one extra note doesn't play, I just need to be able to write for 6 basses and 2 spock drums A.S.A.P.
any help would be appreciated!

Will Gordillo
This i sweet. I just worked with the .sib file, and what makes this pretty cool is that u can have the sound playback, but have it mapped in layer 2, and then just notate the note on the A ledger line and u see what would be bass seven or if u wanted to put it on the B space above the staff that would work to. I guess what I am trying to get at is that u can hide the sound that is being played from a different layer and have it notated correctly... if that makes any sense?

This file has the main L and R hits mapped to their own space:

�� ��[url]http://members.cox.net/oldhands101/files/Seven_Bass_test.sib[/url]

It wouldn't be difficult at all to map all of the sounds to a "Drum 0". My main objective at this point is to get Sibelius to send the correct MIDI message to KP2 without having to type the text into the score. So far it is not working out the way I would like.

I have one more idea ...

so are u trying to add a new "sound" to the template? or are u just making it to where we would need to do a keychange to get this extra sound? either way this is pretty sweet... makes me wanna get the full KP
[quote author=palosjr link=topic=368.msg11673#msg11673 date=1200283713]
so are u trying to add a new "sound" to the template? or are u just making it to where we would need to do a keychange to get this extra sound? either way this is pretty sweet... makes me wanna get the full KP

Sean needs to be able to write for 7 bass drums. In the course of trying to come up with something that may work for him, it could very well get put into the Template.

Step one:�� One way this can happen is to have the full version of Kontakt and add all the necessary ingredients himself - which as Jim said could be "gut" wrenching. ;) Or shall I actually quote him...

[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=368.msg11658#msg11658 date=1200212045]
Hi Sean. As you already know, you'll get 6 different drums with VDL 2.5. As mentioned earlier in this topic, if you need to synthetically create a seventh drum you can do this with Kontakt (not Kontakt Player). Bear in mind this important notion. Kontakt will not "do it" for you. You'd need to invest the time in learning how the Kontakt programming works. Given the marching bassline instruments of VDL are fairly complex this wouldn't be a quick endeavor and would require you to get "under the hood" with the [b]guts[/b] of the instrument to pitch shift current samples, and map them to different, unused portions of the existing instrument. This process is certainly possible, but the options for doing so would be pretty wide ranging and too involved to supply an explanation of here. With a working understanding of how things are programmed in Kontakt, this would be possible.

Step two:�� The second way to get the seventh drum is to do pretty much what I did in the Seven_Bass_test.sib file that I provided a link for above. In that example I only mapped the L and R main hits (the others wouldn't be too much to add either). As is sits now it would be quite usable (if everything was mapped in the instrument) . The only thing you would have to do is add all of the pitch bend text (~B0,[i]byte[/i]) to the score anytime you wanted to hear "Drum 0", as I'm currently calling it.

In this case, step one isn't really necessary since you can see and hear that the pitch bend text will do the job just fine.

However, what I would like to do is set the sound set up in such a way that the user would not have to use staff text at all. For those of you who are feeling geeky at the moment, here is a picture of what the XML code would look like if I could have my way:

�� �� ��[img]http://members.cox.net/oldhands101/pics/pitchbend.jpg[/img]

There are a couple more settings that would have to be there that you can't see in this picture, but if I could set it up this way you would just have to make sure that the noteheads you wanted played by Drum 0 were placed on the correct space of the staff - in this case the B space above the staff. No staff text, no MIDI messages; just write and go!

Anyway, I have a question into one of the people that I think can help with this, and another to someone else soon.

We'll see...

I guess 8 bass drums is completely out of the question.
[quote author=patrickzampetti link=topic=368.msg16710#msg16710 date=1245786482]
I guess 8 bass drums is completely out of the question.

No, it's not out of the question. You would have to dig into the full version of Kontakt to do it though. Go back in this thread and re-read what Coach and Jim posted.

I don't know how practical it would actually be, but you could have 10 bass drums if you wanted.
Certainly not out of the question. The reason we didn't surpass 6 drums with VDL2+ was to keep the mapping consistent, and following a similar layout to the 6 drums you have with the tenors as well.

Since adding two more drums to the bassline map would cross into the territory of other mapped sounds, we'd likely have to remove other sounds to make room for the additional drums. Basically, we'd have to remove something old to add something new. But for most purposes, maybe this isn't a big deal.

For those of you who would like an 8-drum bassline, how detrimental would it be to remove the cresc/decres rolls for individual bass drums? Also, how about the unison dread rolls? I assume these would be less likely missed since they're so specialized.

I have personally never used a unison dread roll, though that does sound like some sushi you might pick up at Walmart. I also haven't gotten much use out of the individual drum cresc/decresc buzz rolls.

I'm presuming that we would end up with the existing bass drum instruments with an additional "8 Man BassLine" or something of the likes?
Yes...I vote for the deletion of some little-used sounds to create an 8-Member Bass Instrument.  I am willing to pay for this instrument as a separate add-on to get it soon if it is priced similar to the template.  Hopefully it will be a part of the next upgrade...6,1???
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