Finale PrintMusic! and Virtual Drumline (ahhhhhh!)

So how do you use virtual drumline with finale printmusic 2004? Anyone? I have a radium midiman keyboard, the one that is recommended for virtual drumline. Please help.
I replied to your post on, but I'll answer here also.

Is Printmusic able to send signals to anothe program like Kontakt or Kompakt?

OK, I just looked at the Coda Music website. It looks like you can use VDL and Printmusic together. the problem you're going to run into is that using VDL requires a specific staff mapping. It appears you can do that with Printmusic, but you'll have to do it yourself.

Are you using a Soundblaster card or a sequencing program? That will determine how to set up Printmusic.
I am using a Creative Audigy sound blaster card.
Just thought I'd add that I have successfully loaded the sondfont onto the sound blaster card, and I can hear the sounds by going into the audio hq screen>keyboard. Now, the trouble is getting PrintMusic to recognize it. Help please!
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