2005 question

Why is it that when I use the new drumline sounds that come with 2005 they work fine? But when I use the softsynth settings to change to VD the it doesn't sound right? They're both SF2.

I'm trying to use VD on my new laptop. I have the soundblaster on my desktop, but I figured that since the roll off sounds are in SF2, then the VD should work as well. Am I wrong in thinking this. Will I have to now buy Kontakt just to use on my laptop?


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If there are any Finale 2005 experts out there, this is something that would be good to learn more about. I believe you can change Finale's default soundfont (.sf2) from within the "softsynth settings" dialog box. there's a setting where you can alter the current soundfont.

This isn't something that is "technically" supported from Tapspace, but that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work. If anyone has had good results doing this (or would like to sniff it out), please let us know by posting your findings here.

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