Sounds are loaded but will not playback in SIbelius 2.1

Gateway 2 Ghz P4
512 MB Ram
Sibelius 2.11
SB Audigy Platinum

When I load the soundfonts in through Audio HQ I can audition them by going to the keyboard function of the Sound Blaster software. By choosing my MIDI keyboard as the input device, I can go through all the samples and hear them correctly.

However, when I got to Sibelius, I loaded the template and followed the directions exactly. I have each instrument selecting the right program
and channel. It has devices listed as MOTU Fastlane USB Ports, and Quicktime music...I don't know what those are for, but when I reset the sounds, those choices disappear and I can choose SB Audigy Synth A, which is where my sounds are loaded. But when I input the notes that correspond correctly with the staff types notation mapping, they appear correctly, but all I get is midi keyboard sounds from the sound card. Does the bank high and bank low vaules stay on "off"?

I just got back from PASIC where I purchased this program and I'm tearing my hair out...please help

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Ian - "Bank High" should be set to whichever bank you loaded the VDL soundfont into in AudioHQ. This is most likely the problem. You were absolutely correct in hitting the "reset sounds" button, which will give you an accurate view of your own personal MIDI setup.

Hang on to your hair. You'll soon be creating cool stuff with VDL!

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