Announcing VDL:2!

Tapspace is proud to officially announce the upcoming release of VirtualDrumline™2.

To read all about it, check here:

Release date has not yet been officially determined, but we plan to release it in early 2005. Upgrade pricing for VDL1 users is available as well.

Happy holidays from Tapspace.
I see that it is a stand alone, but will it still work with Gigastudio?
amen to that--i bought VDL 1 last year and use it with Giga studio. Will VDL 2 still come in GigaStudio format.
At this time, there aren't any immediate plans to release a Giga version of VDL2. It will be released only in its Kontakt Player format.
I have to say VDL 2 sounds pretty amazing and I feel that I really do gotta have it.
But how much is it gonna cost me?

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