will VDL 2 still work with GigaStudio?

PLEEEEAASE say that VDL 2 is going to come in a GigaStudio format like the original did!!! please please please!!! I notice that it is a stand-alone this time, but i bought giga studio, absolutely love it and would really like to be able to continue using it with VDL 2!!! Jim??? Anyone???

At this time, there aren't any immediate plans to release a Giga version of VDL2. It will be released only in its Kontakt Player format.
so i notice that in the description it says that the sounds can still be loaded into Kontakt sampler, can they not be loaded into GigaStudio? if not (as so it appears) is there anything that i could use to load VDL 2 sounds that will also load other sound libraries using ONE sampler, avoiding the use of multiple players, samplers etc. etc. etc. For instance most of my writing and arranging are FULL scores (winds, battery, pit--the whole sh-bang). I would like to load ALL instruments into ONE entity and be done with it. If this is not an option, what would be my easiest option to integrate VDL 2 and Kontakt Player with my other sounds that are loaded through GigaStudio? The old VDL can be loaded into Giga, so now if I wanted to continue loading the old VDL BATTERY sounds into Giga, I could simply use VDL 2 (and Kontakt player) for the new pit sounds right? Jim--if you could please give me some options and advice on this I would really appreciate it. I am actually kind of frustrated, b/c i just got GigaStudio3 to the point where I am comfortable with it!! I hope i have explained well enough what I am looking to do!! Thanks in advance for any feedback
If GS3 is a VST host, why can't you just run VDL2 as a VST plug-in?
GS3 does offer VST plugin hosting, however I don't think it will load VSTi's (virtual instrument VSTs). That might be worth asking the folks at Tascam.

Chris - what you're looking for will be possible with VDL2. It'll just be different than how you're doing it with Giga. You can load multiple instances of the player into a host program like V-Stack (by Steinberg) or Bidule (by Plogue), and save a session with your various instruments loaded. So when you start your writing session, you'd simply launch the V-stack file (for example) that you'd saved from your prior writing session.

Considering that most marching band scores can get pretty dense, I'm not certain running Giga, a VST host (with numerous VSTi's and instruments loaded), and your notation program all simultaneously will be as efficient as you may want. If you loaded any giga format wind sounds into a sampler like Kontakt, you could run Kontakt as a VST alongside your various instances of VDL2, so they're all hosted within one common environment.
thanks Jim--i think i'm putting this together in my head. so what you are saying is that purchasing Kontakt Sampler would the easiest option right?

and when i have that......from what you said sounds like i would run kontakt sampler and then run VDL2 as a plug-in VSTi to kontakt. Is this correct? Sooooo........ for a marching band score i could put my wind instruments (from a giga library) into slots 1- 10. with the remaing 6 slots in Kontakt i could load the VDL2 keyboard sounds (i.e. 4 marimbas and 2 vibes). then, running VDL2 as a plug-in, i would use slots 1-4 for snare, tenor, bass, cymbals, and still have slots 5-8 available for any other various instruments like, bells, xylo, cymbals, gongs, impact drums etc etc. the VDL2 description says that the sounds will load into kontakt sampler so this should work right? would look something like this:

1. flute (giga library)
2. clarinet (giga library)
3. alto (giga library)
4. tenor (giga library)
5. B. Clar. (giga library)
6. Horn (giga library)
7. Trump. (giga library)
8. trombone (giga library)
9. baritone (giga library)
10. tuba (giga library)

11. mar (VDL2 Sound)
12. mar(VDL2 Sound)
13. mar (VDL2 Sound)
14. mar (VDL2 Sound)
15. vibe (VDL2 Sound)
16. vibe (VDL2 Sound)

VDL2 (as plug-in)
1. snare
2. tenor
3. bass
4. cymbal
5. aux
6. aux
7. aux
8. aux

THEN--for a concert band score where more wind instruments are used and and obviously no battery necessary, i could simply use all 16 in kontakt for winds and all 8 in VDL2 for percussion.

THEN--for a concert percussion ensemble I could simply load VDL2 sounds into the 16 slots of kontakt

I also have komPAKT sampler that could probably be of some use somehow in all of this, but I won't try to think about that just yet!

AND.....if it matters.......i'm doing all of this on a MusicXPC S2 with Sibelius 3
Am I barking up the right tree with these scenarios?
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