play back stumper

ok i think i have a stumper.........

I have sib 3 and soundsets and fonts are loaded and everything plays back great.......except 1 minor issue, i get no snare sound???????

I have check all my connections and actually have been using VD for a while with no playback problems. Can anyone help

ps. i also have finale 05 and cubasis vst and have the same issue, great tenor, bass and cymbal snares!

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What program number do you have your snare drum set to playback to? If you are using VDL soundfonts that are loaded into your soundcard, snares are program 0 (zero). Check to make sure that staff isn't muted in Finale (do this in the "instrument list" window).

Any other specifics you can offer on your setup may help determine what may be going on.
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