VDL 2 and Reason

I use Reason, and the samplers can use samples in .aif, .aiff, .wav, .wave, .sf2, .rcy, .rx2, .rex formats, but Reason does not support vst or dxi plugins. The product description for VDL2 states "All VDL2 instruments can also be used in KONTAKT™, Native Instruments’ flagship sampler program." Will there be a method for using the VDL2 sounds in Reason as well? Perhaps as a Reason ReFill?

It's my understanding that VDL:2 will only be usable in Kontakt. But, since the Kontakt Player is included, you really wouldn't need a 2nd program unless you want to load in wind sounds as well.

That's exactly why I'd like to get these sounds into Reason. It looks like I'm not alone in my concern about the options being lost going from VDL1 to VDL2.

Not being able to use VDL2 with reason would be a big problem as I have spent a lot of time setting up wind and percussion songs so I can just open say a drum corp or band ensemble, saved as a reson song and be up and going in no time. Also I belive there is a lot more control in reason, with the mixer and effects and so on. Bob
I�۪ve been testing a DAW called Tracktion, which is currently available free at http://www.musicplayer.com/freetracktion.htm

This host supports VST and VSTi plugins, full MIDI in and out, recording, play-through, and most importantly, Rewire 2.0, which allows it to access Reason synths in real time. I�۪m not sure about this, but I think you could load the Reason tracks you have created in the Tracktion sequencer, and apply a Reason filter indicating the Reason devices you need. With VDL2 loaded as a VSTi plugin in Tracktion, and Reason attached via Rewire, you might accomplish what you want to do. Also, Tracktion gives you capabilities you don't have in Reason alone, such as MIDI out and audio recording.

Hope this helps.
It is true that Reason doesn't host plugins, so VDL2 would not be directly loadable into it. However dflynn brings up a great point. By using a host that supports VST, AU, or DXi plugins as well as REWIRE you'd be able to host Virtual Drumline 2 as a plugin, and Reason as a Rewire instrument.

I'm not familiar with Tracktion as dflynn mentioned, but it sounds like it may just do the trick!
What I would really miss being able to do is say load a vdl snare line into an NNXT and then be able to add other samples like a cowbell or whatever and map it where I want. Also I would miss being able to tune samples add effects ect. Is this possible with Kontact?

Robert Burt
This is all possible within Kontakt. Of course, you wouldn't have the advantage of the Reason interface which you've become familiar with, but doing tweaks in Kontakt is also a very powerful and flexible way to work.

Furthermore, Kontakt 2 is packed with outstanding new features that should really improve the flexibility of hosting VDL:2 directly within Kontakt if you choose to do so. It will also allow for direct importing of Reason NNXT sampler instruments, which may be helpful to Reason aficionados.

Check out the announcement and feature set for Kontakt 2 here:

I believe they're targeting a late March 2005 release date.

Hey! Jim

I was wondering when Virtual Drumline 2 is coming out. Since I cant wait to purchase it.

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